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SINCE 1997
Southern CA’s Top Loan Specialists


Patriot Pacific Financial Corp was 23 years in the making. Founder Charles Vamadeva, Broker and President, began in the mortgage industry in Oklahoma in the late 1990’s. Through years of learning proven ways to help more applicants become homeowners, Charles put together a Company that’s laser focused on Customer Service, Problem Solving and cutting edge technology to make loans happen for as many Buyers as possible. The Loan Specialists that can make up the Company are Professionals with over 113 years combines experience. They’ve been tried and tested inthe trenches of battling for Clients who have entrusted in them, their dream of homeownership.


Why Patriot Pacific

We believe that home ownership is the cornerstone of the American dream. That’s why we believe in removing roadblocks to home ownership as a building block to improving people’s lives. Investing in a home is one of the best ways to build wealth in your lifetime and for future generations. It is a vital step toward financial security and independence. Unfortunately, some people have been left out of this process for too long. We believe that home ownership should be available to more people, not only a few. This is why we work diligently to offer many types of loans for many different financial situations. Whether you are a hardworking, low-to-middle income family or a hardworking higher income family, we can find the best loan for you.